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Thursday, July 16

Sizzling Summer Sale!

Lovelambie, your one stop shop for - Handmade Irish crafts, Handmade Irish knitted items, Handmade gifts for St Patricks day, Irish cooking, Handmade Irish Fruit Cakes, Handmade Irish jewellery, Genuine Handmade Irish gifts, Irish Vintage Pieces, nic nacs and whimsies.

It doesnt sizzle all that often here in the Emerald isle - more drizzle than sizzle usually, but here at Lovelambie we like to bring a little sunshine to your life, regardless of the weather report. For a seasonal pick me up, why not check in at our great value sale shop and pick up a bargain just in time for the weather to turn?

We have a wonderful selection of handmade items - all woven by hand, using Irish materials, made right here in the heart of Dublin.

Take a deep breath and smell the wonderful Irish coastline with this ocean toned scarf, collar, on sale for just $15 on our shop. Contact us directly at lovelambie@gmail.com if you need any more info.

Monday, April 6

Origins of the Easter Bunny

A little Springtime musing brought to you by lovelambie - Your one stop shop for - Handmade Funky Irish crafts, Handmade Irish knitted items, Handmade gifts for St Patricks day, Springtime and Easter, Blarney, Shamrocks, Luck of the irish, Handmade Irish cooking, Handmade Irish Cakes, Handmade Irish jewellery, Genuine Handmade Irish gifts for a modern world.

When we think of Easter and Springtime, we think of little chicks, chocolate eggs, spring lambs and of course, the Easter Bunny! Beloved of children and adults alike, the symbol of the bunny rabbit is one of fertility, of nature and of the natural cycle of rebirth.

The Easter Bunny connotation in its current form seems to have originated from German folklore. The idea of the egg-laying bunny is discussed as far back as the 1500's - combining the rabbit and hare with their rapid and incessant breeding habits with the egg laying of the birds (both springtime symbols of new beginning and fertility). The result is the egg laying, egg bringing Easter Bunny - bringing us out of the cold barren winter with a celebration of Springtime and new growth. This idea is documented in German tradition right through the 19th century and is thought to have been spread to the rest of western Europe and America through the migration of Dutch immigrants.

Dutch tradition saw children build nests for the "Ostara" (easter hare) in their hats (easter bonnets) to leave brightly coloured eggs for the good children (alot like our notion of Santa Claus). This eventually gave way to baskets, instead of nests.

In modern day Europe, the Easter Bunny brings not coloured eggs but chocolate shaped eggs wrapped in brightly coloured foil. It was a natural progression from the handpainted, hollowed out hens eggs that were given as gifts and proved extremely popular from the mid 20th century on.

If you are looking for a handmade gift for someone special this Easter, why not have a look at our Easter and Springtime inspired handmade irish Crafts

Thursday, March 26

LoveLambie goes Vintage

Always looking for new and interesting tit bits for our customers, keep an eye out for the lovelambie shop in the coming weeks for vintage irish finds - vintage irish whimsies that you might find interesting.

we kick off our lot with this vintage miniature pint glass - perfect for a nip of whiskey! watch out for the leprechauns though, they will swipe it for swilling their copious amounts of porter! :)

Wednesday, March 4

Make LoveLambie your St Patricks Day Etsy Choice

What an honour it is to be picked for the Etsy St Patricks Day Voter!

Please lend your support to a hardworking Irish Colleen in Dublin and vote for my Handmade in Ireland Porter Fruit Cake

To vote, just visit this link

Can LoveLambie do it? YES SHE CAN - with your help :)

Thursday, February 26

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Monday, February 9

New addition to the Lambie fold

After many requests and pleads, the matching lambie hat is here :)

To complete the fantastic LoveLambie sheep collection, this is the fabulous 100% handmade matching hat. This hat is an original design woven from irish aran wool in cream and black, and is adorned with a fab pair of handmade polymer clay eyes.

This is essentially a winter wooly hat/ toque, warm and cosy and finished off with pair of darling ear flaps to keep your shell-likes toasty :)

I make the hat to fit your measurements, so there is no fear of it not fitting snugly on your head.

check out our other Lambie winter wonders (including mittens and scarves) in the Love Lambie shop

Friday, February 6

Item 2 appears on Etsy homepage!

Wow, what a lucky week for Love lambie. not one, but two items appearing on the homepage of etsy this week. Totally chuffed and counting my lucky stars. i never thought anyone would like any of my items enough to have them picked, so was a real pick me up for me :)

Both Items available for sale, so check in to http://lovelambie.etsy.com/ to pick up your one